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Is your content creation process way too complex, time consuming and costly? Are you fighting endless battles to keep your content consistently on-brand? Could your visual content benefit from a facelift?

That’s where we come in.

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Simplify your content creation process

Custom-designed templates combined with our super-intuitive tool empowers anyone in your internal or external teams to instantly create on-brand content. No complex workflows or design skills needed. Saving you time, money and hassle. 

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Lock in brand consistency

We build and restrict your digital and social media templates according to your brand guidelines. So your content is always on-brand, no matter who’s on duty.

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Level up your branded content

Animate your templates. Create eye-catching layouts. Add videos. Plug in the latest data. There are endless ways we can inject creativity and smart features to increase your reach and engagement.

Examples and opportunities

See how brands and businesses like yours are using Content Stadium to meet specific goals.

Employer branding and social recruitment

Attract new talent and keep current employees engaged with eye-catching and timely branded content — without the lengthy content production workflows. We can set you up so you can quickly and easily create branded content for your careers pages and channels, from social media job posts, to behind-the-scenes content, employee quotes, and more.

Digital and brand marketing

Skip complex design request processes and bottlenecks, and allow anyone in your internal or external teams to easily create content. Always on-brand, always high quality, and no way to mess it up. From recurring social media content, to blog images, animated podcast promos, video thumbnails and any other video, digital or even print branded content.

Employee advocacy

Your employees are your biggest influencers. Make the most of that reach and influence with self-service employee advocacy templates. Allow employees to communicate about your company with professional, branded content that puts your products, teams and company in the best possible light.

Travel alerts and updates

React to real-time events instantly and keep all your customers up to date with the latest info. From resizing your content in one click, to dragging and dropping pre-set data straight into your templates, use our intuitive tool to create and publish accurate content at speed across all your communication channels. Perfect for creating travel updates, attention-grabbing alerts and hour-by-hour disruption announcements.

Franchise and multi-location communications

Empower your network of franchisees, individual properties or business locations to create their own branded content — without relying on your central marketing team for every design and edit. So your local teams can engage their followers with location-specific content, timely social media posts, relevant LED screen content, and more. And you can rest easy knowing it’s always on-brand and always high quality. 

Sponsorship activation

Strengthen the link between your partnerships and your brand in your online and social media activations. Our premium templates help you efficiently claim your partnership with recognizable branded visuals for your company and community channels.


How does it work?

We design and build your branded templates. You create and publish on-brand graphics, animations and video content in just a few clicks, via our super-intuitive content creation tool. Fast. Easy. And always on-brand.

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Sit back, and let us show you how it’s done.

With Content Stadium, anyone in your team can create awesome branded social media and digital content in just a few clicks. Fast. Easy. And always on-brand.

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