Simplify, scale up & professionalize your content creation process

With our Content Stadium content creation platform, anyone in your team can quickly create on-brand visual content, without adding (design) resources. Our distribution solutions then help you easily post your content on your social and digital channels, or share it with colleagues.

Perfect for teams who regularly need to create and distribute branded content.

Content Stadium platform

Why use Content Stadium?

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Simplify & scale up your content creation process

With our platform, anyone in your team can create, share and post branded content in a few clicks, without relying on designers and agencies. So you can speed up and scale up your content creation process.

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Improve & professionalize your visual content

Our custom solutions enable you to create standout social media and digital content that's unique to you and always on-brand, without adding a designer. So you can increase engagement and recognizability.

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Discover our content creation platform

Content Stadium CREATE template-based content creation tool for social media and digital visuals


Create on-brand social media content faster with our custom templates

Our original and most popular solution. We custom-design and build your branded templates. You create awesome and always on-brand images, animations and video content in a few clicks. No complex workflows, outsourcing or design skills needed. Perfect for teams who regularly need to post branded content on social media.

“A game-changer. A life-saver.” — Tennis Canada

Content Stadium AI tools, all in one place.

The best AI creation and editing tools, all in one place.

Our AI design and text editing features will enhance your everyday experience in creating branded content, streamline processes, and provide you with more time and opportunities for additional creativity.


Content Stadium AI tools, all in one place.
Content Stadium LIVE content creation app, to create on-the-go branded stories, images and videos, and post them straight to social media.


Add branded elements to your social media stories straight from your phone

Use our mobile app to add branded frames, stickers and fonts to your photos and videos, straight from your phone. Great for covering live events on social media and posting on-the-go. Perfect for increasing recognizability and brand awareness.


Make it easy for your team members to receive and post your content on social media

Share photos, branded graphics and videos with your team members (colleagues, employees, players and other partners), who can then easily post them on their own social media channels. They amplify your messages. You increase your reach.

Content Stadium SHARE social media content distribution and advocacy tool

Who uses Content Stadium?

Sports industry

150+ sports clients choose Content Stadium to speed up content creation, activate sponsorships, increase fan engagement and more.

Sports content templates

Employer branding & recruitment

Build a memorable employer brand and attract the right talent on social media with our content creation and advocacy platform.

Employer branding social media content templates

Media & publishing

Create more content, faster, and more consistently with our platform.

Social media visuals from media and publishing companies

Marketing &

No more design bottlenecks, costly agencies, or inconsistent branding. We help you take control of your social and digital content.

Communications teams branded templates

Head office teams

Empower your local teams to create their own social media content, while staying in control of your brand.

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Want to see our content creation platform in action?

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