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    About us

    What is Content Stadium?

    Content Stadium is a visual content creation platform. We help your organization simplify, scale up, and professionalize your social media and digital content creation process.

    With our content creation platform, anyone in your team can quickly create on-brand visual content, without adding (design) resources. Our distribution solutions then help you easily post your content on your social and digital channels, or share it with colleagues. Perfect for teams who regularly need to create and distribute branded content.

    And, unlike other providers, our in-house experts take the work out of your hands: we’ll design and custom-build your templates, set up your account, provide ongoing content advice, and more.

    How did we get here?

    Content Stadium was born out of an internal need.

    Back in 2016, we were managing the social media channels of a sports brand. But we didn’t have enough design resources to support our ambitious social media content goals. To overcome this challenge, we built a tool that enabled anyone in our team to quickly create branded graphics themselves.

    We’ve since developed into a full content creation platform, which is now used by social media, marketing, editorial and recruitment teams around the world to simplify, scale up and professionalize their content creation process.

    What's new?

    Join our team

    As we continue to grow, we’re often looking for more specialists to join our development, design, customer success, sales and other teams. You can check out our latest openings and apply on LinkedIn: