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Content Stadium content creation and distribution tools for social media teams

Content creation

Content Stadium CREATE template-based content creation tool for social media and digital visuals


Create on-brand social media content faster with our custom templates

Our original and most popular solution. We custom-design and build your branded templates. You create awesome and always on-brand images, animations and video content in a few clicks. No complex workflows, outsourcing or design skills needed. Perfect for teams who regularly need to post branded content on social media.

“A game-changer. A life-saver.” — Tennis Canada

Content Stadium LIVE content creation app, to create on-the-go branded stories, images and videos, and post them straight to social media.


Add branded elements to your social media stories straight from your phone

Use our mobile app to add branded frames, stickers and fonts to your photos and videos, straight from your phone. Great for covering live events on social media and posting on-the-go. Perfect for increasing recognizability and brand awareness.

Content distribution & employee advocacy

Content Stadium SHARE social media content distribution and advocacy tool


Make it easy for your team members to receive and post your content on social media

Share photos, branded graphics and videos with your team members (colleagues, employees, players and other partners), who can then easily post them on their own social media channels. They amplify your messages. You increase your reach.

Content management

Photos, videos and audio files representing the Content Stadium media library


Manage and edit your media files in one central location accessible from anywhere

Collect, store, manage and edit your media assets in the media hub. You can upload an unlimited number of images, icons, photos, videos and audio files, create your own folder structure, and even connect to an external library, stock media website, or your (photographer’s) FTP server. Plus, cloud storage means that your team can access their files from anywhere.

Customer success

Quotes from four clients mentioning the flexibility, helpfulness and tailored approach of the Content Stadium team.

We ensure you get the most out of our platform

Our dedicated Customer Success team will not only support you throughout the onboarding process with proposals, ideas and trainings, they’ll also continue to help and inspire you once you’re live. We’ll ensure that you get the most out of our platform and help make your project a success, in line with your specific content creation goals.

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