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Why do media & publishing teams choose us?

Are your designers struggling to keep up with the demands of your social media team? Or do you have to sacrifice visual quality and consistency, to post more content more often? With Content Stadium, you don’t have to choose between quality and quantity.

We give your publishing and newsroom teams the tools to create and share standout graphics and videos themselves, in just a few clicks. Helping you create more social media content, build a consistent brand image, and drive reach, engagement and traffic.

Ewoud Huysmans, Digital Publisher at Het Nieuwsblad
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In addition to the time-saving benefit, Content Stadium is a tool that enables us to always get it right, without putting in much effort. Our social media posts are in our style, our font, our colors. Our logo is always in the right place. It’s pixel perfect.

Ewoud Huysmans | Digital Publisher at Het Nieuwsblad

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Chris Hammer, Social Media Manager at Sporting Life
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With Content Stadium, everyone on the team can create quality, eye-catching graphics quickly and effortlessly. It would have been impossible to do even a fraction of the graphics we’re producing today without this powerful tool. The traffic and social media engagement it’s helped us achieve has been immense.

Chris Hammer | Social Media Manager at Sporting Life

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Create more content, faster, and more consistently with Content Stadium

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