Custom templates content creation solution

Create awesome and always on-brand graphics, animations and video content in a few clicks, with our custom templates. No complex workflows, outsourcing or design skills needed. Perfect for teams who regularly need to post branded content on social media.

“A game-changer. A life-saver.” — Tennis Canada

Content Stadium CREATE template-based content creation tool for social media and digital visuals

What are the benefits of using CREATE?

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Efficient creation

With your smart CREATE templates, anyone in your team can instantly create branded graphics and animations. No complex workflows, no outsourcing, and no design skills needed. Saving you time and money.

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Always on-brand

We custom-build your templates based on your brand guidelines. So your designs are always on-brand, no matter who’s on duty. Helping you increase brand awareness.

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Awesome designs

Animations, videos, data visualizations, standout layouts… Our experts will propose and deliver showstopping designs and smart templates, to level up your social media content and grow your fanbase.

How does it work?

Content Stadium CREATE is a template-based content creation solution, backed by a team of design and social media experts. Unlike other template solutions, we both custom-design and custom-build your branded templates. This means that they are completely tailored to your unique (brand) needs to make your content creation process as efficient and on-brand as possible.

In addition, we’ll take the lead, draw up proposals, and drive your project forward, minimizing your time commitment. Here’s how it works:

Who uses CREATE?

Our custom template solution is designed to help simplify, scale up, and professionalize the content creation process of teams who regularly need to post branded content on social media, including:

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Discover how our custom templates content creation solution can help you simplify, scale up, and professionalize your content creation process.

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