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Content Stadium is an essential tool in our social media strategy. It allows us to live comment up to 9 matches at the same time through its simplicity and reliability.

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Ligue 1

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I’m so happy to use Content Stadium and I actually have a lot of fun when I use it.

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FC Utrecht

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The more I use my templates, the happier I am. Content Stadium really helps us bring consistent quality to our channels.

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Swiss Ski

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Everything works like a dream! Content Stadium has eliminated our game-day stress.

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In one minute, we can create visuals with live data and promote them across multiple social media channels.

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Eintracht Frankfurt

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A game-changer. A life-saver.

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Tennis Canada

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Content Stadium gives all our teams the possibility to communicate consistently through the same brand style. This helps us to be fast and accurate when communicating with our fans.

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Team Jumbo Visma

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Content Stadium made it easy for us to build recognizable employer brands on social media. We’ve already seen a jump in followers, engagement and job applications.

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A.S. Watson

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If I create my social content myself, it takes 10x more time. It wasn’t hard to convince me that Content Stadium was what I needed.

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VIVES/Brugge Business School

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