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Take a closer look at our CREATE content creation tool’s most handy and impressive features. Or request a demo to see them in action:

Make on-brand content in a few clicks

  • Quick duplication
  • Design switches
  • Topic switches
  • Any dimension
  • Multi-language

Want to use the same visual across different channels? No need to repeat the creation process all over again (hurrah!). In one click, you can duplicate your design to another size.

Switch up the look of your templates to create different themes or keep things interesting. Thanks to handy toggles and dropdowns, you can easily change colors and backgrounds, swap an image for a video, or even mirror switch your entire template.

Change the topic of your template by replacing a quote for a plain text, adding or removing labels, hiding or showing the date and time. Whatever you need to clearly get your message across is just a toggle away!

Create content in any size or resolution to suit your most-used channels. From huge HD screens to social media posts, interactive banners and even print, if you need it, we can build it.

Need to get your point across in different languages? From Spanish to Chinese and Russian, we can pre-set language switches in your template. All templates also come with Google Translate support to quickly adapt your texts.

Lock in brand consistency

You can choose to fix and restrict the elements in your templates, so that no one can mess with your brand image. We can set your brand fonts, limit colors to a specific palette, only allow pre-defined design themes, fix copy and logo placements, set maximum text length, and more, all according to your needs and preferences. Our responsive elements will even react to any changes you make to ensure a cohesive final design.

Eneco branded template with color switch option

Level up your content to increase engagement

  • Cut-out tool
  • Video content
  • Animations
  • Data visualization
  • Giphy
  • Podcast promos

Make your main subject stand out or throw in some personality. Our cut-out tool lets you expertly remove backgrounds from the subject or object you want to highlight for maximum impact. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Break through to your audience with video content. You can add MP4, GIF, full or cut-out videos to your templates. Or create video sliders by mixing and matching your video, animated and/or still templates to make a story. You’ll be able to preview your video content in the browser as you edit your template.

Bring your templates to life with dynamic animations. Choose from fully-animated templates or single dynamic elements, such as swipe-up bounce for Instagram stories. You can always opt to download your animated templates as stills or animations.

Do you have lots of facts and stats to share? We can connect your templates to real-time APIs, import data from CSV files, or pre-load specific data into your tool. Whatever you need, we can build it. This way you can quickly and accurately populate your infographics, or drag and drop relevant data straight into your visuals.

Keep it fun by adding lively GIPHY stickers or full GIFs into your template.

Attract new listeners by releasing a sample audio of your podcast or vlog. We can build your podcast templates with auto-generated audio waveforms. All you have to do is upload your video or audio file.

Keep things safe and organized

Admin icon

Admin roles

Set permissions to ensure team members can only access relevant templates and features. Plus, review who’s been working on what in the activity overview.

Mobile ready icon

Mobile ready

Need to make content on the go? You can access the mobile version of Content Stadium via your phone to keep followers engaged with timely content.

Media library icon

Media library

Organize all your images, icons, videos and audio files in the library. You can upload an unlimited number of files and create whatever folder structure takes your fancy.

Share link icon

Link sharing

Want a second opinion? Create an access link for your design and share it with your internal or external colleagues before you publish.

Lock icon

Login security

Two-factor authentication login keeps all your design secrets safe. Users need to go through an extra layer of security to prove they really are who they say they are.

Draft icon

Draft support

Time for a well-deserved break. Save your draft templates and come back to complete them later.

Publish your content across your channels

Publish icon

Publish on social

Publish your content directly to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram feed from the Content Stadium tool. We even support hashtags, emojis, and auto-complete tagging for Twitter.

Calendar icon

Schedule for later

If, like us, you like to plan ahead, you can also create your social media posts in advance and schedule them for later. Scheduling is available for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Embed icon


Embed your content directly into your website or blog CMS. Great for enriching your web content with quotes, infographics and eye-catching CTAs. Or take it one techy level higher and send your content directly to your app, site or big screen via Webhook.

Download icon


The good-old download button is of course also an option! Choose from PNG, JPEG, GIF, MP4, high-res or low-res, zip file, multi-slide or single-slide exports.

Presentation icon


Need to impress someone? You can show off your creations in full-screen mode with top-of-screen navigation.

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