How Het Nieuwsblad unified their social media feeds with Content Stadium

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Published in June 2021.

Meet Ewoud

Ewoud Huysmans is a Digital Publisher for Het Nieuwsblad — the second biggest newspaper in Belgium, and part of the Mediahuis group.

The publishing team of consists of 7 publishers. Their role is to distribute news stories across the newspaper’s digital channels. They choose how and where to push their articles, from the website to social media and newsletters. Their goal is to ensure a continuous and engaging flow of content throughout the day, to improve traffic, brand image and, ultimately, subscription numbers.

Ewoud Huysmans, Digital Publisher at Het Nieuwsblad
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In addition to the time-saving benefit, Content Stadium enables us to always get it right, without putting in much effort. Our social media posts are in our style, our font, our colors. Our logo is always in the right place. It’s pixel perfect.

Ewoud Huysmans | Digital Publisher at Het Nieuwsblad

Before Content Stadium

Ewoud and his team used Photoshop “templates” to create social media images. But with 7 people working in the publishing team, not everyone ended up using them in the same way. “It was a bit chaotic back then. Different people used different styles, fonts, shadows. The detail wasn’t right.”

Using Photoshop was also quite time-consuming. So, the team often posted unedited photos on social media to speed things up, missing out on branding opportunities and higher engagement.

Our solution

To enable the publishing team to create consistently on-brand social media images at speed, we built a multi-functional template. This smart responsive template offers the following options:

  • Different sizes suitable for Facebook, Instagram feed and stories, with a one-click size duplication feature.
  • A switch between quote, news and branded (no text) visuals.
  • Toggles to add and remove on-brand design elements in one swipe.
  • Fixed brand colors, font size and style, and logo.
  • A cut-out tool that automatically removes backgrounds from images to make the subject stand out.
  • And more!

With just one template, the team can create a number of different designs, while always staying on-brand:

The results

After just 3 months with Content Stadium, Het Nieuwsblad has become one of our most active clients. The team uses the platform daily to create numerous images.

How are they benefiting?

  • Fast and easy: “It’s a relief that it’s no longer so complicated to create branded social posts.”
  • Always on-brand content: “Next to the time-saving benefit, the main benefit of Content Stadium is that it’s always in the same style. The logo is always in the same spot. The text is always pixel-perfect. Even with multiple people creating the content, our timeline now always has a consistent look.”
  • More social media content: “We can post more with Content Stadium, because it’s easier. Since using the platform, we’ve adjusted our strategy to post more and more.”
  • Increased engagement: “We now always post photos with text overlays on Facebook, which gets far more engagement than when we were posting photos without text.”
  • Quick to onboard new starters: “If we hire someone new tomorrow, it’s much easier to explain how Content Stadium works, than it was to teach them how to use a really big Photoshop file.”

Three of Het Nieuwsblad’s sister publications, Het Belang van Limburg (HBVL), Gazet van Antwerpen and De Standaard, as well as Het Nieuwsblad’s sports section (Sportwereld) are also signed up to Content Stadium.

Learn more about our content creation platform for media and publishing teams.

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It’s a relief that it’s no longer so complicated to create branded social posts.
Ewoud Huysmans | Digital Publisher at Het Nieuwsblad

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