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Published in April 2021.

Nicole has since left A.S. Watson for Sunweb Group, where she continues to use Content Stadium.

Meet Nicole

Nicole is an Employer Branding & Recruitment Specialist at A.S. Watson — the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer. Her team is made up of 12 specialists. Their role is to attract job applicants and fill vacancies for their ICI PARIS XL, Kruidvat, Trekpleister and A.S. Watson brands.

In 2020, to reach and attract more potential employees, Nicole and her team started focusing on employer branding. This included developing strong stories and recognizable employer identities for each of their brands. Their ambition? To build the best employer brands in retail!

Nicole Matijssen, Employer Branding & Recruitment Specialist at A.S. Watson
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Content Stadium made it easy for us to build recognizable employer brands on social media. Thanks to our branded templates, we can quickly create images and video content that look professional and tell a consistent brand story. We’ve already seen a jump in followers, engagement and applications as a result.

Nicole Matijssen | Employer Branding & Recruitment Specialist at A.S. Watson

Before Content Stadium

Before coming across Content Stadium, the team already ran several careers-specific social media channels: from LinkedIn to Instagram and Facebook. With no designer on the team, Nicole and her colleagues created content for these channels themselves. In-store employees would send them photos and videos of varying quality, and the team used default Instagram filters to edit their content.

“We posted content on social media, but not frequently. We didn’t yet have a clear brand or a lot of followers or reach. There was still a lot of potential to grow and professionalize our employer branding channels,” said Nicole.

Our solution

We empowered Nicole and her team to easily create high-quality and always on-brand social content themselves, by building flexible social media templates tailored to each brand. The team can now access these templates in our user-friendly platform, where they can create social media images, animations and videos in just a few clicks, whenever they need.

For example, check out how their A.S. Watson quote template works:

“What we really like about Content Stadium is the flexibility of our template designs. We can add pictures, polaroid frames, buttons, hide or make elements visible, change the letter types… There are so many options that we can easily create lots of different designs using just one template, while always staying on-brand.”

Nicole and her colleagues now use their templates across LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to:

  • Promote open vacancies and recruitment events
  • Share employee photos, videos, quotes and tips
  • Engage followers with questions and challenges
  • Create content for their LinkedIn personal profiles

“Even if the photos and videos we receive from our in-store colleagues are not of the best quality, once we put them inside a template the whole look is elevated. Our posts and our feeds look professional, and more importantly, they are recognizable.

The results

Since going live in September 2020, the A.S. Watson recruitment team have been using our Content Stadium content creation platform daily. Combined with their overall focus on employer branding, they’ve seen some great results come in already:

  • 75% increase in Instagram followers in one year, reaching a total of 3,294 followers across their ICI PARIS XL, Kruidvat, Trekpleister and A.S. Watson employer branding accounts.
  • 23% Increase in LinkedIn followers, reaching a total of 47,036 across the 4 brands.
  • An increase in website traffic and online applications coming from Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • An increase in job candidates mentioning in their application surveys that social media played a role in persuading them to apply.
  • A clear and recognizable identity for each employer brand.

Top management have also noticed the change and have been impressed by the visibility and quality of the new social media posts.


Learn more about Content Stadium for employer branding and recruitment teams.

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Setting up our social media templates with Content Stadium helped us build clear employer brands. Every brand now has its own design style to tell its unique story and to attract a distinct target group. And everything is tailor-made for our own brands. It’s not a design package that any other retailer could also have.
Nicole Matijssen | Employer Branding & Recruitment Specialist at A.S Watson

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