What do our clients think about Content Stadium?

Discover what our clients really think about our content creation platform, with the results of our 2020 client feedback survey.

At Content Stadium, we’re always working hard to meet — and exceed — the needs of our clients. We do this throughout the year, by chatting to our clients and making continuous updates to our platform and toolkit.

Each year, we also send out a survey, to formally check in on how we’re doing. Read on to see the results of our 2020 client feedback survey and how our clients review Content Stadium.

What are our clients’ top priorities?

Before diving into what our clients think of us, let’s first review what’s important to them.

Most of our clients work in communications, social media, marketing, employer branding, and/or recruitment teams. In our survey, we asked them what is the most important goal or KPI for their role. These were their top responses:

  • 26% (social media) engagement
  • 16% reach or exposure
  • 15% speed of content creation
  • 15% traffic to website and sales
  • 13% community or follower growth
  • 13% quality of content
  • 11% brand image

Why do our clients use Content Stadium?

Statistics showing that 85% of clients use content stadium because it save time in the creation process

When asked what challenges they were looking to solve with Content Stadium, most of our clients stated that they were looking to save time in their content creation process (85%). Other reasons to use our platform included ensuring their content stays on-brand (59%), creating more content (53%), and solving a lack of design resources (40%).

We then checked how well we were meeting these needs. All respondents (100%) agreed that we met their needs. And 79% said we met their needs very well or perfectly. Sounds like we’re a great fit!

How would our clients describe us?

Statistics showing that 72% of clients describe Content Stadium as easy and user-friendly

In an open-ended question, we asked our clients to describe Content Stadium in 3 words.

We then ran through all their reviews to see what they really think of us. “Easy” was a standout favorite, not just as a response to this question, but also across the entire survey responses. Here were some of their other most-used words, grouped by topics:

  • 72% Easy, simple, user-friendly
  • 32% Fast, time-saving, efficient
  • 26% Professional, great or creative designs
  • 25% Practical, effective, helpful
  • 17% Good, great, incredible

We especially loved Tennis Canada’s response to this question, who described us in the following 3 words:


Game-changer. Life-saver. Easy.

Jeff Donaldson | Digital Coordinator at Tennis Canada

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