Content Stadium launches new app for real-time branded social content creation

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Content Stadium launches new app for real-time branded social content creation

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Content Stadium LIVE social media content creation app

Sports’ most user-friendly content creation platform, Content Stadium, is launching a new app: Content Stadium LIVE. The mobile app is designed for creating and sharing branded social media images and videos on the go.

Dutch Eredivisie team FC Utrecht puts the app to the test, using it to create pitch-side social media visuals in their own style and share in-the-moment content with their fans.

About Content Stadium and Content Stadium LIVE

Content Stadium is a leading content creation platform in the sports industry. More than 150 sports clubs, leagues, federations and media companies are already using the Content Stadium CREATE tool to speed up their branded visual content creation and increase fan engagement. In addition, the platform is increasingly attracting the attention of companies outside the sports industry, with clients now including SEPHORA, A.S. Watson and PWC.

Content Stadium LIVE is the latest tool to be added to the platform. The app enables users to add branded frames, stickers and fonts to their photos and videos, straight from their phone.

What does Content Stadium LIVE mean for social media and communications teams?

  • New branding opportunities: Teams can easily add branded design elements to their raw, on-the-go footage before posting to their social media channels. Perfect for increasing recognizability and brand awareness.
  • Always on-brand content: Teams have total control over the frames, stickers and fonts in their app. Which means the output is always on-brand, no matter who’s on duty.
  • Efficient content creation: Adding frames, stickers and branded fonts, and automatically adjusting photos and videos to frames is done in just a few taps. Great for covering live events and posting on the go.
  • Content grouping and sponsorship: Teams can create themed frames and stickers to group content together, or dedicate content to a specific sponsor.

Watch our video to see the app in action:

FC Utrecht puts Content Stadium LIVE to the test

After 2 months of using the app, Joris van Peer, Social Media Creative for Dutch Eredivisie team FC Utrecht shares his review:

“Before, there wasn’t much visual difference between our real-time Instagram Stories and those of other clubs. Or we’d have to go back and forth to our office and laptops to create such branded content.

“With Content Stadium LIVE, we can take our photos and videos, add our own style, logo and frames, and post them to our stories in no time at all. We can also theme our frames, to group stories together, for example, using frames with both club logos on a matchday. This means that we can now make great-looking, unique stories for Instagram, while standing beside the pitch.

“We already improved our content on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook with Content Stadium CREATE. With this new app, we can step up our Instagram Stories too.”

A focus on UX

The Content Stadium platform is already loved by its users for its speed and ease-of-use. Xander Hoogewerf, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Content Stadium explains how UX (user experience) was once again a focus when developing this new app:

“Our new Content Stadium LIVE mobile app is based on the same principle as our original, Content Stadium CREATE tool: the app must be fast and simple to use. Each user must be able to use it without a learning curve. But this app had to be even faster, since its main purpose is to create in-the-moment content, to cover live events.

“So, we made sure to automate any complicated actions. For example, LIVE users can choose to automatically adjust their images and videos to fit their frames. Such features help to significantly reduce the time it takes to create branded content.”

Find out more about the UX behind Content Stadium.

Jasper Swelheim, CEO of Content Stadium, adds: “Our goal at Content Stadium is to continue to grow our platform and toolkit, to support our clients in creating and sharing on-brand content efficiently across multiple scenarios. With this new app, we’re catering to a growing need to cover live events with on-brand social media content. And later in the year, we’ll be releasing an additional tool, focusing on content distribution and employee advocacy.”

Content Stadium LIVE is already attracting the interest of numerous sports teams and organizations across different countries, such as Eurosport and Swiss Ski. Employer branding and communications teams outside the sports industry are also seeing the app’s potential, including to brand their recruitment video stories, employee takeover content, and on-the-go event coverage.

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Content Stadium is an online platform designed for efficient and always on-brand content creation. We empower teams to create and share awesome branded social media graphics, animations and video content in just a few clicks.

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