How to create social media content faster

Discover 6 ways to accelerate your social media content creation process, plus our tips for coming up with content ideas quickly.

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How to create social media content faster

Discover 6 ways to accelerate your social media content creation process, plus our tips for coming up with content ideas quickly.

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Do you want to create a large volume of high-quality content at a fast pace? Or simply be more efficient when creating your social content? There are definitely steps you can take to increase the speed of your content creation without losing quality. Read on for 6 ideas on how to accelerate your content creation process.

Before jumping into how to create your content faster, let’s first review how to quickly collect ideas and find inspiration for your social media posts:

How to come up with social media content ideas quickly

Stuck on what to post on social media? Get ideas for right now, as well as tips on how to save time in the long term with the below best practices.

  1. Define your social media goals and strategy. Decide first what you want to achieve with your social media accounts and content (your goals), and how you will get there (your strategy). This will not only ensure you get the most out of your social media efforts, but it will also help guide your post ideas by giving you a focus.
  2. Be inspired by top-performing content. Get ideas from what already works on your chosen social media platform(s). Search for popular content under relevant keywords and hashtags. Spy on your competitors’ top posts. Listen to your audience and monitor online conversations for trending topics. Then, try doing something similar or with your own twist.
  3. Repurpose your existing content. Look to the content you’ve already created for new post ideas. For example, break up and edit webinars or interviews to create short-form video content for social, turn blog posts into small infographics or carousel posts, or re-share a popular photo as a “throwback” post.
  4. Create a content series. Such as a weekly tip, monthly interviews or other regular content that your followers can look forward to and that can help you fill up your feed.
  5. Keep a content calendar. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. An Excel or Google spreadsheet will do. Add any relevant social media holidays, company milestones, marketing campaign dates, and other timely events around which to create content.
  6. Brainstorm and plan in advance. Block yourself some time to think about what posts you want to create and plan them into your content calendar. Batch working in this way will help save time in the long run. Getting a co-worker involved to bounce around ideas together should also speed up the brainstorming process and help you get more creative.

It’s a relief that it’s no longer so complicated to create branded social posts.

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6 ways to accelerate your social media content creation process

Now that you’ve listed all your ideas, it’s time to get hands-on and actually create your social media visuals and write your captions. But how can you make this process faster? Below are our 6 ideas for accelerating your content creation process.

1. Define your brand’s visual identity

Sure, having (and sticking to) a set visual identity helps grow brand awareness and recognizability. But it also helps you create your social media content faster. A visual identity gives you a framework of guidelines within which you can create your graphics, animations and even captions.

You already know what colors, fonts and logos to use, what kind of photos to include, what tone to apply to your captions, and maybe even what hashtags to throw in. Having these rules set in stone from the get-go helps you save time when creating your content.

Get more tips on how to define and maintain a consistent brand on social media.

2. Build a bank of images

Invest time into taking and collecting photos of your products, workplace, colleagues, partners, front of house, behind the scenes, and other types of evergreen photos. Take multiple shots, from multiple different angles and settings to cover a range of needs and increase your options.

This way, when you need to post something on social media quickly, you don’t have to run around looking for the right subject to photograph or the right person to reach out to. Instead, you’ll have a bank of photos ready to use.

This also applies if you use stock photos. Dedicate some time to searching for and gathering relevant photos for your brand, so that you always have images at hand when you need to create social media content quickly.

3. Make your social media content in bulk

Continuously switching between tasks can cost you a lot of time (and mental energy!). To save time in the long term, opt for bulk or batch working. Spend a defined period of time each month or week to bulk create or draft all the social media content you’re planning to post in the coming period.

This can include sourcing any images you need, writing captions, creating visuals or videos, proofreading your content, and even scheduling your posts.

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4. Create visuals faster with templates

Having to create your graphics or animations from scratch every time takes time — whether you’re creating content yourself, or having to brief and wait for a designer to do it for you. Consider using a template solution instead, to accelerate your process.

For example, with our Content Stadium CREATE platform, we set you up with custom-designed social media templates built according to your specific brand and content requirements. This means that anyone in your team can quickly create social media content themselves, without going via a designer or sacrificing quality. Perfect for creating awesome and always on-brand content at speed.

See examples from Brugge Business School and Tennis Canada below.

5. Write fast, edit slow

Trying to craft the perfect, witty social media caption in one sitting can leave you staring blankly at your screen. It’s often faster if you just start writing something, anything. Then, once you have your ideas and message down in writing, you can edit and refine your copy until you’re happy with the final result.

Take a look at this article for more tips on how to edit and cut down your (online) texts.

6. Reuse and recycle your social media content

No need to reinvent the wheel every time you create a new social media post.

It’s perfectly fine to accelerate your content creation process by using an image layout, photo, animation, or content topic more than once. Most of your followers won’t see every one of your posts anyway. But even if they do, the consistency will likely help increase your brand recognition or product recall, and therefore work to your advantage.

Be inspired by stories of clients who have accelerated their content creation workflow

At Content Stadium, we help clients create on-brand social media content more efficiently. But don’t just take it from us, read some of their stories:

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  • “The team have tight timelines. They need to post many times per day. They don’t have time to dedicate to editing pictures in Photoshop and exporting them again. With this platform it’s now super easy and quick.” Read SEPHORA’s story.
  • “It’s easy to use. And it’s fast. And it just works perfectly with the speed that we need for sports.” Read Tennis Canada’s story.
  • We can post more with Content Stadium, because it’s easier. Since using the platform, we’ve adjusted our strategy to post more and more.” Read Het Nieuwsblad’s story.

Read more client stories and testimonials, and see how our template-based content creation platform works:

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