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Published in July 2021.

Meet Olivier

Olivier Fraisse is in charge of social media and e-commerce communities for Europe and the Middle East (EME) at SEPHORA — the French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty brands.

His role involves setting the social media strategy and guidelines for 16 EME countries. He then supports his regional teams into actioning the strategy on their local social media channels. His goal is to ensure that all social media communications are consistently on-brand and recognizable across all 16 markets, while also increasing followers, reach and traffic to the website.

Olivier Fraisse, Responsible for Social Media and E-Commerce Communities EME at SEPHORA
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We were looking for this asset editing tool for a while. And we found the right one! It’s the perfect solution to build brand consistency and recognizability on social media in our 16 EME markets.

Olivier Fraisse | Responsible for Social Media and E-Commerce Communities EME at SEPHORA

Before Content Stadium

SEPHORA had just revamped their social media strategy. As part of the revamp, Olivier wanted to increase the recognizability of their visual content. “As a retailer, we sell hundreds of different brands. Some of which are very well-known. So we wanted to do more to inject our own brand identity across our images and videos, to ensure our content is attributed to SEPHORA, and not just to the brands pictured in our visuals.”

Olivier initially encouraged his 16 local teams to use Photoshop (PSD) templates to add SEPHORA branding to each social media image before posting. But most countries lacked the tools, the skills and even the time to use the PSD templates correctly and consistently.

While searching for a more effective solution, Olivier even went as far as looking into developing his own application. But that came with steep ongoing costs.

Our solution

We offered a simple solution to meet the needs of Olivier and his team: Content Stadium CREATE. Our template-based content creation solution enables SEPHORA’s 16 EME social media teams to add branded graphic elements to their photos and videos in just a few clicks.

The templates are accessible via desktop and mobile, and offer the following:

  • Multiple sizes, from square to horizontal and portrait, to cover all platforms and content types.
  • Support for videos and images.
  • Ability to add branded design elements, from full frames to branded “stamps”, logos and stripe designs.
  • On-brand color switches.
  • Option to add text in multiple brand styles and languages.
  • All at a click of a button or swipe of a toggle!

“Content Stadium perfectly fits our needs. It’s simple to use. It’s fast. It’s intuitive. Everyone is clear on how to use the platform. I’m really happy with this solution.”

The results

Having finally found the platform they had been looking for, SEPHORA signed up to Content Stadium for a period of 3 years. And they’re loving the results:

  • Brand attribution and recognizability: “Content Stadium is the perfect tool to easily add branding to all the assets we publish on social media. Just looking at our posts now you know you’re looking at SEPHORA.”
  • Consistency across 16 markets: “When I look at all our timelines, I see more and more of our SEPHORA stripes and other branded elements. Having consistent branded content across all countries was our initial goal, so that’s great!”
  • Efficient processes and a happy team: “Some team members have described Content Stadium as a life-changer. It was always so painful for them to follow brand guidelines before. The team have tight timelines. They need to post many times per day. They don’t have time to dedicate to editing pictures in Photoshop and exporting them again. With this platform it’s now super easy and quick.”

Learn more about Content Stadium CREATE, our custom template content creation solution.

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I would 100% recommend Content Stadium. It’s really easy to set up and has been a quick win for all our markets.
Olivier Fraisse | Responsible for Social Media and E-Commerce Communities EME at SEPHORA

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