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Published in July 2021.

Meet Katrien

Katrien Cattoor is a Digital Marketer, Program Coordinator and Lecturer at VIVES/Brugge Business School. The school offers post-graduate programs and specialist courses to professionals based around the world.

As the Digital Marketer, Katrien is responsible for the school’s online marketing. Her goal is to reach and attract potential new students through various digital channels, including social media. In addition, Katrien balances her marketing role with her other teaching and administrative responsibilities.

Katrien Cattoor, Digital Marketer at VIVES Brugge Business School
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I can create my social media content myself, but that takes 10x more time. It wasn’t hard to convince me that Content Stadium was the platform I needed.

Katrien Cattoor | Digital Marketer at VIVES/Brugge Business School

Before Content Stadium

Katrien has plenty of experience working with Adobe Photoshop. She even teaches classes on how to use the program. However, manually making social media visuals using Photoshop still takes time. Time that Katrien doesn’t have:

“I don’t work full time in marketing. I have lots of other responsibilities as well. So while I can work with Photoshop and I could make my social media graphics myself, I just don’t have the time to manually make each visual.”

Our solution

To help Katrien create her social media images more quickly, we set her up with our Content Stadium CREATE platform. We custom designed and built two multi-functional, branded templates based on her specific brand and marketing needs. She can now use these templates to create social media visuals in just a few clicks, via our user-friendly platform.

VIVES/Brugge Business School’s templates include the following features:

  • On-brand color switches according to different school program topics.
  • Option to show or hide text boxes, images and other design elements at a swipe of a toggle.
  • In-built calendar feature for easy date selection and display.
  • One-click size duplication, to easily duplicate a final design into another social media size, from Instagram stories to landscape link images.
  • Ability to publish and schedule social media posts directly from the platform.
  • And more!

Here’s just a snapshot of one of the templates’ flexibility and ease-of-use:

Katrien uses her templates to create a variety of social media marketing posts, from university information and course updates, to student testimonials, program statistics, staff quotes and more:

The results

Katrien is already in her second year of using Content Stadium CREATE to create and share branded visuals for the school’s social media accounts. Why does she continue to use our platform?

  • Time savings: “I can create my social media content myself, but that takes 10x more time. It wasn’t hard to convince me that Content Stadium was the platform I needed. Making the visuals is very easy and fast. And you can then also publish or schedule your posts for later directly in the platform, which is a great added benefit.”
  • Clear and on-brand designs: “The designs are clean and neat, and always in the style of our organization.”
  • More content: “Because it’s so quick to create content, I have the flexibility to make more visuals and post more often across all our social media channels.”

Learn more about Content Stadium CREATE, our template-based content creation platform.

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