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Published in March 2022. Paul has since left the company.

Meet Paul

Paul Seghers is the Social Media & Content Manager at betFIRST — one of Belgium’s biggest sports betting operators.

In his role, Paul leads the social media and digital content strategies, supported by an internal content executive, external freelancers and agency. His main goals fall into 2 categories: customer retention (keeping betFIRST’s current player community engaged) and acquisition (attracting new players).

Paul Seghers, Social Media & Content Manager at betFIRST
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The volume went up insanely. Our engagement is going up. Our follower number is going up as well. All thanks to our live posting strategy and Content Stadium templates. The two of which go hand in hand.

Paul Seghers | Social Media & Content Manager at betFIRST

Before Content Stadium

Before using Content Stadium, betFIRST’s in-house design team created the social media visuals. But as the company grew and took on a social-first strategy, the demand for new designs got out of hand.

“There was a huge pressure on our design team. This also made things difficult for our social media editors, who needed to constantly chase the already stretched design team for their visuals. We needed to find a way to relieve this pressure from our designers’ shoulders, so that our editors got the visuals they needed, and our designers still had time to work on other company priorities.”

New live social media strategy

To help drive live betting, betFIRST wanted to become more active on their social media channels during live football games. They wanted their social media channels to be football fans’ go-to second screen during the match by reacting immediately to the biggest events and debates of the game.

But with their designers out of the office during evening and weekend games, they had to find a solution that enabled their editors to quickly create visuals themselves.

Our solution

To execute this live social media strategy, Paul’s team enlisted the help of our sister agency Socios Sports, alongside a package of Content Stadium templates. While the agency helped with the strategy and working shifts to cover live games, our custom-made templates enabled the social media editor on duty to quickly create eye-catching social media visuals themselves.

“We started working with Content Stadium at the exact same time that we decided to be live on social media during football matches. The two go hand in hand.”

Instagram post by betFIRST listing the football matches that will be broadcasted on betFIRST TV
Facebook post from betFIRST asking what should Eden Hazard do alongside 4 different football team's shirts

betFIRST’s Content Stadium package includes:

  • Templates that are custom-designed and built to meet the team’s specific requirements.
  • Templates for lineups, goals, programs and schedules, player stats and head-to-heads, polls and other live game updates.
  • Animations, GIFs, carousel features and more.
  • Integrated player and club databases.
  • Sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram feed posts and Stories, and YouTube thumbnails.
  • Flexible templates: “One of the coolest things is that, because of all the features, even with 10 templates you can make 50 very different images.”
  • Creative template designs that do not require the use of official club logos or player photos, so as not to violate intellectual property (IP) rights and regulations.

For example, see how they can create and publish animated goal visuals in less than 1 minute using their template:

The results

betFIRST has been working with Content Stadium and Socios Sports for close to 1 year. They create around 90-95% of their social media visuals using their Content Stadium templates, freeing up their design team to focus on one-off visuals and innovative post ideas.

How have they benefited?

  • Rolling out the new live strategy: “Without Content Stadium it would not have been possible to create the visuals we needed during live games. We would have been limited to text-only Tweets.”
  • +175% engagement and +26% followers: In the first 10 months of using Content Stadium, their social media accounts saw a 175% increase in engagement and 26% increase in followers.
  • 580% more content: In this same time period, the team was able to create 10,900 social media visuals. An increase of 580% compared to the previous period.
  • Next-level content: “One of the most attractive parts of Content Stadium for me are the GIFs and 3D animations.”
  • Content in line with IP regulations: “The Content Stadium designers thought about how to make templates where we don’t have to use the official club logos or player images, while still producing attractive and engaging visuals.”
  • On-brand visuals: “Our templates ensure everything that we produce is on-brand.”
  • Time-saving and simpler processes: “Content Stadium helps you a lot to simplify and save time in your workload on a daily basis. And it’s super easy to work with.”

Learn more about how we help 150+ sports clubs, leagues, federations, betting and media companies speed up their visual content creation, cover live events, activate sponsorships, increase fan engagement and more.

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We work with many other platforms and tools, which tend to be quite intense: information-heavy dashboards, long trainings, constant need to stay up to date etc. The thing about Content Stadium is it’s super simple. The templates themselves can have as many features as you want, but the dashboard and menus are all really easy to work with.
Paul Seghers | Social Media & Content Manager at betFIRST

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