How Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT (LFP) create quality content at speed with Content Stadium

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Meet Sébastien

Sébastien Rigaud is the Digital Project Manager at Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) — the French professional football league, which runs Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT.

As Digital Project Manager, Sébastien improves and implements new digital processes, strategies, and tooling. He works closely with LFP’s social media community managers, newsroom editors, and graphic designers. Together, the team’s ultimate goal is to create a digital ecosystem that engages fans and grows LFP’s worldwide visibility and following.

Sébastien Rigaud, Digital Project Manager at LFP
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Content Stadium enables our teams to create social media graphics and animations on the spot, without requiring design skills or resources. It helps us communicate quickly and effectively, with a clear brand identity and creative designs.

Sébastien Rigaud | Digital Project Manager at LFP

The goal

LFP were looking to meet, and exceed, the demands of today’s sports fans, who expect fast social media content with profound information about the competitions. At the same time, the digital team wanted to create this content effectively, efficiently and in line with brand guidelines.

“We also needed a robust tool, that would allow us to live comment up to 10 football matches at the same time,” added Sébastien.

Our solution

To help LFP communicate about Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 quickly, we custom-built a series of templates in Content Stadium CREATE, tailored to both brands. The social media and publishing teams across all of LFP’s markets can now use these templates to create and share visually striking branded visuals, whenever they need. No designer required.

The team use their templates to create recurring league content for Twitter, Instagram (stories and feed), Facebook, and some website articles. This includes:

  • Telling a story during the match build up, using line-up, player quotes and match statistics content.
  • Responding in real-time to events during the game, such as goals, half-time results and red cards.
  • Tapping into the post-match hype with man of the match, rankings and other stats visuals.
  • Communicating about the league outside of matches, including transfers, schedules and competition stats.

How do they create these visuals? Each template includes several handy features and functionalities that help the team put together their content quickly:

  • Data connection: To automatically populate visuals with error-free player data and match stats.
  • In-built animations: To make visuals more dynamic.
  • Photo cut-out tool: To remove photo backgrounds and spotlight players.
  • Language switch: To cater to LFP’s different markets.
  • Duplicate functionality: To duplicate final designs to another size in one click.
  • On-brand color and design switches.

See how LFP can create a matchday social media visual in seconds:

The results

LFP has been using Content Stadium CREATE to create their social media and newsroom content since 2018. Why have they stuck with us for 3 years already? Sébastien explains:

  • Faster content: “The main reason we use Content Stadium is to enable our social media community managers to quickly create quality content themselves. This in turn helps us create more content, and more engagement.”
  • More content: “In the space of 2 seasons (from 2018-2019, to 2020-2021), we went from publishing 6,000 visuals using the Content Stadium templates to 20,000 visuals.”
  • More engagement and followers: “While it’s difficult to isolate the impact of Content Stadium, we can safely say that this platform played a role in our impressive audience and engagement growth. For example, in the space of just one season, Twitter engagement grew by 89% for Ligue 1, and 162% for Ligue 2. And our social media fanbase grew by 18% across all channels.”
  • Creative, quality visuals: “The flexibility of the platform allows us to push our creativity to a higher level. You can change colors, textures, backgrounds, texts, images. And it’s not just standard branded graphics. It’s animations, carousels, complex layouts and striking designs that highlight the information we want to convey. You would probably guess that the visuals were made by a designer rather than through a template platform!”
  • Self-service: “All team members can work with this platform. They don’t need any design or Photoshop skills.”

Learn more about how we help other sports leagues, clubs, federations and media companies.

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I would, and I have, recommended Content Stadium to other clubs and leagues. Not only does it help us create quality content faster, but the platform’s flexibility also allows us to push our creativity to a higher level.
Sébastien Rigaud | Digital Project Manager at Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP)

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