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Meet Ellis

Ellis Heijboer is the Communications and Social Media Coordinator for Team Jumbo-Visma — a Dutch professional sports team, that combines cycling and speed skating.

Ellis is responsible for the social media and other online channels of the cycling team. Her goal is to increase social media reach, followers and engagement with stand-out and informative content. She ensures fans stay on the Team’s channels not only through first-rate race coverage, but also with team news and images, quizzes, videos, and other content on the general topic of cycling, outside of race days.

Ellis Heijboer Communications and Social Media Coordinator at Team Jumbo-Visma
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Content Stadium makes it possible for anyone to create a professional-looking, on-brand social media visual in just 1 minute.

Ellis Heijboer | Communications and Social Media Coordinator at Team Jumbo-Visma

Before Content Stadium

Back when the team was much smaller, Ellis and her colleagues would use Photoshop “templates” to create branded images for social media. But as the communications department grew, the team needed more stability for the visuals.

“With Photoshop templates, it was easier to mess up the visuals. Nothing was fixed in place, so people could easily move things around, change fonts, etc. It also took more time to create our visuals in general. So sometimes we would just post photos without any branding, or publish text-only social posts, which wasn’t ideal,” explains Ellis.

“We needed something that was easy to use, as not everyone knows how to use Photoshop. We also wanted our visuals to always be in the same style. We wanted them to always look like Team Jumbo-Visma. At the same time, we needed to have a bit of creativity, so our social media visuals didn’t all look exactly the same.”

Our solution

To help Team Jumbo-Visma easily create always on-brand visuals for social media, we custom-built a string of branded templates. Their communications team and freelancers can now access these in our Content Stadium CREATE platform, to quickly create the content they need.

Their template package includes:

  • Race-day templates, including team announcements, race information, programs, results and winner visuals.
  • Multi-purpose templates, such as quote and other text-based images.
  • A connection to Gracenote data, to import accurate data about the races and results in one click.
  • Audio templates that include an automatically-generated waveform.
  • Video and GIF animations.
  • Multiple sizes, from landscape to portrait, to cater to different social media channels and post types.

The Team uses these templates both during and outside of race days, with a total of 10-15 platform users.Their freelance race reporters access the templates to cover the Team’s 100-150 races per year on social media. While the internal communications department uses them to create content year-round, from news items and behind-the-scenes content, to happy birthday posts.

Outside of social media, the Team also uses their templates to create stats-based and other graphics for their website articles, email campaigns and presentations, and to narrow-cast visuals to their office’s welcome screens.

The results

Team Jumbo-Visma has been using Content Stadium CREATE since 2020, and has signed up to use the platform until the end of 2023. Why have they already renewed? Ellis explains the key value that the platform brings to her team:

  • Easy to use for anyone: “Anyone can use the platform. Even those who don’t have any graphic design skills or knowledge. They can create content for themselves, without having to go via the communications team.” Together, the team already created more than 6,000 social media visuals using Content Stadium in the first 10 months of 2021.
  • Quick: “You can create visuals in 1 minute. Plus, you can then duplicate your visuals to an Instagram Story or landscape size in seconds.”
  • On-brand: “Using Content Stadium templates helps us make our team recognizable on social media.”
  • Quality: “We can rest assured knowing that our visuals will always be at a certain level of quality. It’s always easy to create professional-looking content. This is also important for our partners and sponsors.”
  • Flexible: “We can use our templates in a lot of different ways to create different types of visuals. There’s always a way to create the content we want.”

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We can now challenge our race reporters to be more creative. Because they have the tools to create captivating social media content quickly. They can report on the race with better visuals that provide our audience with more information about the race.

Ellis Heijboer | Communications and Social Media Coordinator at Team Jumbo-Visma

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