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Meet Thomas and Luu

Thomas Schöneich is the Director Media and Communications, and Luu Cornet is the Digital Content Manager at the European Handball Federation (EHF). The EHF organizes some of the world’s biggest handball competitions, including the Women’s and Men’s EHF EURO events and the EHF Champions League, as well as developing and promoting the sport and its various forms across Europe.

Within the EHF’s communications department and when it comes to the live coverage of matches, Thomas and Luu are supported by a team of editorial and social media specialists, as well as freelance editors. Their objective is to engage more fans across their digital platforms and to spread the word about handball. The team’s ultimate goal? To turn handball into the most attractive indoor team sport to both watch and play.

Luu Cornet Digital Content Manager at EHF
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We’re a machine when using Content Stadium. The platform allows us to work fast and well. It’s quality mass production. And it’s a life-saver for any social media manager.

Luu Cornet | Digital Content Manager at the European Handball Federation

Before Content Stadium

Up until 2019, the EHF’s editorial team worked with Photoshop “templates” to create their social media images. But Photoshop has its limitations. Adding, changing and resizing elements in the templates can be a tedious manual process. Which is not ideal when covering live sports games. It was also very easy to move a logo or to change a font or color, putting brand consistency at risk.

“The social media editors had to manually switch around the logos, resize them, turn layers on and off… There was a considerable amount of manual work that needed to be done on these Photoshop templates,” said Thomas.

In addition, using Photoshop meant equipping every internal and external social media editor with the required software. Therefore, the team was looking for a better way to facilitate their branded content creation process for their multiple stakeholders.

Our solution

To help the EHF’s communications team create consistent social media content more efficiently, we custom-built a series of templates according to their specific content needs. These include separate template packages for their main EHF channels and for their European championship channels (EHF EURO).

Their templates include:

  • Sizes suitable for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts and stories, and YouTube video thumbnails.
  • Designs for result, head-to-head, fixtures, lineup, rankings, shot charts, substitutions, lists and quote social media graphics and videos.
  • Option to add videos with transparent (green screen) backgrounds, plus a background cut-out tool for photos.
  • API connection to the EHF’s player and match stats database, for automatic and error-free data import, including game results, shot charts, rankings and more.
  • Flexible and responsive designs with automated brand color switches, video/photo switches, player lineup layout changes, adding/removing of text rows, and more.
  • Option to show and hide partner logos.
  • Duplication functionality to resize final visuals in one click.

See below just some examples of the social media content the EHF created with their Content Stadium templates for their most recent championship: the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 in Hungary and Slovakia.

The results

The EHF have been using Content Stadium CREATE for more than 3 years already. Both the federation’s media team and their freelancers use the platform, accessing it around 10 times per day to create their multitude of visuals for their social media channels. What do they like most about our custom template solution?

  • Quantity and quality: “We’re a machine when using Content Stadium. The platform allows us to work fast and well. It’s quality mass production,” said Luu. Thomas added, “The inclusion of videos and the import of player and tracking data in particular have helped us take our social media visuals to the next level.”
  • Ease of use: “For someone who loves graphic design, using Content Stadium is really effortless. In Photoshop I had 50 rulers per template, but with Content Stadium everything is perfectly aligned and consistent, with the right content and colors. I don’t have to always recheck everything,” said Luu. “And to make the same video content that we now create with Content Stadium, we would have to use 2 separate software if we were using Adobe instead,” added Thomas.
  • Support for multiple brands: “We use different brand identities for different competitions. Content Stadium is the perfect platform for this. Firstly, it allows you to work with multiple unique identities, without just having the same templates in different colors. And secondly, it guarantees brand consistency across all visuals,” said Thomas.
  • Project sharing: “One major advantage is that all content is in the same place. So the team can share and reuse each other’s projects,” added Thomas.
  • Perfect for (live) sports content creation: “I’d of course recommend the platform to others. In particular, the data connection and the power to produce content fast is great for any sports federation or club that has to produce content live,” said Luu.
  • Support and flexibility: “The flexibility and communication of the Content Stadium team has been great, with quick resolution to any glitch or request,” said Luu.

Learn more about how we help 150+ sports clubs, leagues, federations and media companies speed up their visual content creation, cover live events, activate sponsorships, increase fan engagement and more.

Thomas Schöneich, Director Media and Communications at EHF
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Content Stadium was the perfect solution for A) working with multiple social media editors at the same time, and B) increasing our output, while ensuring consistency for our graphics and videos.

Thomas Schöneich | Director Media and Communications at the European Handball Federation

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