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Meet Jeff

Jeff Donaldson is the Digital Coordinator for Tennis Canada. He manages all website, social media and paid digital activities for both the federation and its tournaments, including the National Bank Open (formerly Rogers Cup).

Tennis Canada’s goal is to lead the conversation around tennis in the country. Jeff does this through publishing quality, valuable and meaningful fan content. His aim is to be one of the standout players on social media among other federations, sporting events and teams.

Jeff Donaldson, Digital Coordinator at Tennis Canada
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The designs are at a level that puts us above everyone else. And it’s easy to use. And it’s fast. And it just works perfectly with the speed that we need for sports. That’s what we like about Content Stadium.

Jeff Donaldson | Digital Coordinator at Tennis Canada

Before Content Stadium

Before using the Content Stadium platform, Jeff’s internal graphics design team created all his social media images and videos. So every time Jeff needed something, he had to brief his designers, review the content, send his feedback, and wait for final delivery.

With sports’ unpredictability, this was tricky. “You can’t plan ahead for a result, or last-minute game changes. To have the design team create content on the fly, at the speed that we needed it, was difficult,” said Jeff.

Their first attempt at a solution was the content publishing tool Solive. This helped increase speed, but the graphics provided and ease-of-use of the platforms fell short.

Our solution

To help Tennis Canada create high-quality graphics and animations faster, we custom-designed and built branded social media templates for both the federation and the National Bank Open tournament. Jeff can now access these templates anytime he needs via the Content Stadium platform, to create his day-to-day social media graphics and animations.

“Using Content Stadium is such a relief. I zip through doing my content and it’s done. I don’t have to submit a brief to my graphics team. I don’t have rounds of feedback and edits. And I know it’s on-brand, because we already approved all the templates.”

What does Jeff love most about our content creation platform?

  • The designs: “We’re getting top-level graphic quality. In my opinion, our federation looks better than any other templated content out there.”
  • The ease and speed of use: “It’s an easy platform. It’s very user-friendly. The photo cut-out tool is my favorite thing: hit a button and in 2 seconds the subject is perfectly cut out from its background.”
  • The logic and flexibility of the templates: “With all the options and the creativity there, you can use most templates for multiple purposes.”
  • The team and support: “We can come to you with half-baked ideas. And somehow you understand exactly what we’re talking about and land on something that’s helpful for us.”

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The results

Tennis Canada has already been using Content Stadium for 2 years. And the team is so pleased that they have chosen to renew for another 3 years . Here’s how they are benefiting:

  • Increased team capacity: “Content Stadium is like having an extra full-time staff member dedicated to quick, on-the-fly social media graphics.”
  • Higher-quality content: “When you do a scroll through our social timelines, they look more professional, more polished than before. With our templates, I am always confident that our brand is being well represented.”
  • New monetization opportunities: “We can monetize our templates for partners, which has been a big value add. Because of the pandemic, we had to postpone our tournament, which led to a significant loss in sponsorship revenue. Content Stadium played a big role for us in pitching new ideas to partners and making sure that we can regain revenue, by attaching them to our social content and making content that makes sense to them.”

While Jeff is the main user of the platform, management is also seeing the benefits of Content Stadium on the team dynamics:

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Content Stadium relieves some capacity and provides time efficiency for the entire team. We don’t have to rely on our design studio to make the social media content. Our graphic designers can do other projects, while our social team gets the template they need in real-time.
Julie Gravel | Senior Marketing Manager at Tennis Canada

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