Content Stadium adds content distribution to its platform to further help social media managers simplify their processes

After piloting the tool, Dutch Eredivisie football team AZ plans a full rollout to its first team.

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Content Stadium adds content distribution to its platform to further help social media managers simplify their processes

After piloting the tool, Dutch Eredivisie football team AZ plans a full rollout to its first team.

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Content Stadium SHARE social media content distribution and advocacy tool

Content Stadium expands its platform beyond social media content creation with the launch of a new content distribution and employee advocacy tool: Content Stadium SHARE. Content Stadium SHARE makes it easy for (social) media teams to share content with members of their network, who can then post it on their own social media channels.

Dutch Eredivisie football club AZ was first to pilot Content Stadium SHARE. And after a successful test, the club is planning to roll out the use of the tool to its entire first team.

About Content Stadium and Content Stadium SHARE

Content Stadium already offers the most user-friendly content creation tools in the sports industry. More than 150 sports clubs, leagues, federations and media companies are using its Content Stadium CREATE and LIVE tools to create on-brand social media content at speed. Demand for these tools is also growing outside of the sports industry, with clients such as SEPHORA, A.S. Watson, PwC, and Lidl also on board.

Content Stadium SHARE is the latest addition to the platform. The distribution and employee advocacy tool enables (social) media teams to share photos, branded graphics and videos with their team members (players, employees and other partners), in a few clicks. Members can then easily post this content on their own social media channels, helping to amplify the organization’s message and increase its reach.

Content can be distributed both via a dedicated app or via link sharing. When using the app, members get a notification once new content is shared with them. They can then publish it directly to their social media channels from their phones. While link sharing allows teams to distribute their content through any communication channel, which is perfect for one-time users and external partners.

Additional Content Stadium SHARE features include the ability to divide members into groups, analytics data, and integration with the Content Stadium CREATE template tool. Plenty more features are also on the roadmap, including connections to third-party media sources, AI face recognition for automated distribution to relevant members, and the ability for members to share their own content (UGC) back to the (social) media teams.

Jasper Swelheim, CEO of Content Stadium, says: “Our goal at Content Stadium is to continue to grow our platform, to give teams the tools they need to execute their social media strategy efficiently and effectively. With this new distribution tool, we’re catering to a growing focus on influencers, external promoters and employee advocates as a way to grow a brand on social media. We’re also currently developing video editing, media management and other tooling, to further simplify the social media manager’s day-to-day processes.”

Football club AZ puts Content Stadium SHARE to the test

Dutch Eredivisie football club AZ using Content Stadium SHARE, represented by a gallery of AZ player images in a phone, plus a post on a player's social media account

Dutch Eredivisie football team AZ was first to pilot the new distribution tool. After a successful test with selected players, the team now plans to extend the use of Content Stadium SHARE to its entire first team.

Additional uses of Content Stadium SHARE

From brand building, to social recruiting, social selling and partnership activations, Content Stadium SHARE can support teams in meeting multiple different goals. Here are just some examples:

  • Sports clubs, teams and leagues: Sports organizations can amplify their social media presence and strengthen their message by providing their players, teams, coaches, sponsors and affiliates with a personalized content feed to post on their own channels — from game day announcements, to behind-the-scenes videos and match insights.
  • Recruitment and employer branding: HR, recruitment and employer branding teams can use the tool to tap into the reach and credibility of their employees, by sharing on-brand vacancy, workplace and company news content that employees can easily post on their own social networks. Perfect for employee advocacy and ambassador programs.
  • Marketing and communications: Marketing and communications teams can increase brand awareness, recognition and sales by empowering their colleagues, sales teams, partners and other influencers to easily post on-message news, recruiting, and product content on their own social media channels.
  • Media and publishing: Media teams can quickly distribute the latest event or press conference photos, videos and graphics to their journalists and editorial teams, who can then quickly push up-to-the-minute social media posts and web articles live, or share the content on their own social accounts to build their professional brand.

About Content Stadium

Content Stadium helps teams simplify their social media processes, by giving them the tools to create, share and post on-brand social media content, in a few clicks.

Our content creation and distribution tools include:

  • Content Stadium CREATE template-based content creation tool: Create on-brand social media content faster with our custom templates.
  • Content Stadium LIVE mobile app for on-the-go content creation: Add branded elements to your social media stories straight from your phone.
  • Content Stadium SHARE content distribution and employee advocacy tool: Make it easy for your team members to receive and post your content on social media.

Launched in 2016, Content Stadium is now used by social media, marketing, editorial and recruitment teams in multiple industries and around the world to simplify their social media processes and level up their strategy. Book your demo to find out more.