36 sports betting social media content ideas & examples

Enhance your sports betting content with these social media post ideas and examples.

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36 sports betting social media content ideas & examples

Enhance your sports betting content with these social media post ideas and examples.

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Sports betting social media post examples, including boosted odds post idea and sports graphics.

As the many exciting sports competitions progress, more opportunities arise for sports enthusiasts to bet on their favorite athletes and teams, all while watching them in action.

Below, we’ve collected 30+ betting social media visual examples from a variety of top sports betting accounts and popular sports from around the globe. Take a look at these examples from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feed, Stories and Reels to get ideas and inspiration for your own sports betting content.

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Single match betting odds

Let your audience know about betting opportunities when big games, races or matchups are just around the corner. If you hold the rights, be sure to include a visual of the athletes or logos of the teams involved, like in these sports betting content examples. Alternatively, use illustrations of the athletes or their jerseys.

Single match betting odds visuals can be bright, still images or even short, animated video posts to grab sports bettors’ attention.

Accumulators or parlays content

Get sports fans excited for a chance to increase their winnings with cumulative bets social media posts. You can share the total odds based on a specific multibet, or increase excitement by highlighting the potential total winnings.

You can also showcase that big accumulator wins are within reach by celebrating the real-life winning combinations of some of your bettors.

Enhanced odds social media betting examples

As odds may receive a boost prior to or during a matchup, keep your social media audience updated via your sports betting content. You can simply do this by showing the previous and enhanced odds side by side.

We recommend that you distinguish the two by adding more emphasis on the increased probabilities because, after all, higher odds could mean higher winnings for bettors.

Betting odds rankings

When there are more than two contenders for a victory, let your audience know how they rank against one another, and which athlete stands out from the pack. The social media sports betting posts below illustrate this with a list of odds showing the most likely outcomes in descending order.

Fixture program posts

A fixture program is a great way to keep betting enthusiasts in the loop for opportunities to place bets across multiple matchups in the same competition or multiple sports tournaments all scheduled on a specific day. If there are quite a few matchups to be played, a carousel on Instagram or Twitter is a great idea to provide a lot of information in a single sports betting social media post.

Individual athlete stats content

When a player or athlete showcases a spell of outstanding sporting performances during the season, it is a good opportunity to create betting social media posts that highlight their stats. You can also publish these stats ahead of specific matchups, to help your followers place more calculated bets on key players. Write the relevant stats in bold text and colors to grab attention.

Player head-to-head social media ideas

In addition to focusing on individual athletes, you can put key athletes up against each other for comparison in anticipation of big sporting events. You can feature the betting odds for each player in your head-to-head social media visual, but also try to add up-to-date stats for both athletes to give your fans more insights into who is more likely to rise to the occasion.

Team head-to-head posts

Much like player head-to-head social media content, comparing teams’ previous matchups against one another, or even just their recent form, can give your followers a clearer indication of who is more likely to come out on top. This can help bettors feel more confident in the bets they place.

Post-match stats content

Follow up an action-packed sports game with a recap of the key events or statistics. You can also highlight the athlete or team that had the upper hand during the matchup. These types of social media posts serve as an indication of a team’s recent form, which can be useful for your audience when placing future bets.

Interactive social media posts

People love to share their thoughts and opinions. Grow your follower engagement and get the conversation going on social media with interactive posts such as Q&As, paired with an eye-catching visual.

Multiple choice Q&A social media posts can make it even easier for your audience to engage with your content. You can represent different answers with different emojis to make it super-quick for fans to cast their votes in the comments and get an overview of others’ responses, or use native features such as voting stickers on Instagram Stories.

As an extra incentive for your audience to engage with your post, you can also include a prize for the best or correct answer to your question, such as the sports betting content examples below.

Team of the week posts

Team of the week posts are another good idea to encourage engagement among your social media audience and betting fans. When posting this type of sports betting content, you can open the floor for discussions about which athletes are more deserving of a spot on the team of the week than others, and why.

Quote social media examples

Quotes from athletes as well as analysts, pundits and coaches can also be used to spark conversation on your betting social media accounts. Not only are you keeping your audience informed on expert opinions, but you are also allowing them to engage in some friendly debate about the sports they are so passionate about.

You can publish quotes as written text, such as in the betting post idea above, or as a video or audio recording of the speaker delivering the quote. Video and audio clips help to add credibility, as your audience can hear the quote directly from the source.

Funny sports betting content

To add some variety and fun to your betting social media posts, try your hand at creating funny visuals and videos. For the best results, create timely content relating to the latest sports news and cultural trends, then mix in some popular soundbites, trending references, and up-to-date styles of editing.

You can also repost relevant videos published by other creators (with their permission), such as in the B/R Betting social media example below.

Memes and meme-style posts also continue to be a popular and engaging content type across social media, such as in the below sports betting examples.

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