Sports social media template designs: 36 examples

Get ideas for your sports social media graphic design templates with these examples from across the sports industry.

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Sports social media template designs: 36 examples

Get ideas for your sports social media graphic design templates with these examples from across the sports industry.

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Examples of sports social media templates including football, tennis, soccer and basketball social media visuals

Social media templates are a great way to speed up your content creation, react faster to live events, and lock in brand consistency across your content, all while engaging your audience with quality, eye-catching designs.

Get inspired by the below 36 sports social media designs and template examples that we custom-built for each of our clients, to help you create your own. These examples include template designs to cover your events from start to finish and beyond, whether you’re looking for tennis, football, e-sports, Formula 1 or other sports graphics.

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Pre-game social media template examples

Create a buzz of anticipation with pre-game coverage on social media. Posting content with insights into the game, teams, athletes and more, ahead of kick-off, will help engage your fans early on and get them prepped and excited for the event to come.

Take a look at some examples of pre-game, match, event and race social media designs from different sports teams, leagues and organizations below.

Game-day announcement templates

Remind fans on when to tune into the next match with eye-catching game-day announcement graphics. Make sure your template design includes the day and time of the game, as well as the teams or athletes that will be competing. You may also want to add animated elements to drive up excitement.

Starting line-up social media graphics

Let your fans know who will start for their favorite team, and (if applicable) in which position they’ll be playing.

Carousel templates come in handy here, to highlight specific players as well as the full team formation. Adding individual athlete introduction videos also helps to add personality and energy to your line-up design.

Head-to-head sports template designs

Pit opponents against one another before the game even begins!

Head-to-head templates are a great way to get the conversation started on social media about who is most likely to come out on top. Try including key data about each team or player in your graphic for an additional talking point.

Betting odds templates

Get your fans involved with a bet. Recap the betting odds for the game, or highlight those that can lead to the biggest wins, with betting odds social media templates. See 36 more sports betting social media post examples.

Unibet betting odds Instagram story visual
TOTO sports betting odds of the week social media post

Sports graphic design templates for live event coverage

Time has come for the first serve, whistle blow, or wave of the flag. Get ready to accompany the ups, downs and swerves of the game in real-time on social media with these sports template design ideas.

If you’re a club, try to have social media templates ready in both your home and away kits. Having the same colors both on and off the pitch will help immerse your fans further into the action.

Goal and score update graphics

Goals and other match points are the highlights of most sports games. So your social media templates should reflect that.

Think animations, GIFs, player cutouts, bold texts and powerful designs, to ensure your social media post feeds into the excitement. You can also help fans relive this moment of triumph with a goal sequence template.

Half-time social media templates

Update your fans half way through the game with a recap of the action so far. This could include a simple update on the half-time scores, or a summary of any key game data or match highlights.

Half-time social media visual from KNVB

Substitutions, red cards and penalties templates

Keep fans updated on every twist and turn. Get your substitutions, red cards, penalties, crashes, new records and other template designs ready to highlight these key moments on social media as they happen.

FC Midtjylland substitution football template

Final results sports template designs

Mark the end of the event with a final score or result social media template. In addition to the result and names of the teams or players, you can also include a memorable photo from the event.

Winner social media content

Celebrate the winner of the event with a template design that puts them in the forefront. Cut out the background of images or use green-screen videos to spotlight the winning athlete and turn them into the star of your social media post.

Post-event sports social media template design examples

Cash in on all the excitement of the game by continuing to post content on social media right after the event. Celebrate the winner, revisit the match highlights, and break down the event with stats and figures to keep your fans engaged and revved up for the next sports event.

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Match recap sports templates

Use match recap templates to replay match highlights, publish photos of the most memorable moments, and break down the match into key stats.

Photo collages that include both stats and visuals are a great way to share a one-slide snapshot of the event. Or you can choose to spread your game summary over an Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter carousel, for a more in-depth match review, including final scores, interviews and stats.

Post-event interview designs

Hand the mic over to your athletes, coaches and other key figures to review the event in their own words. This helps offer another perspective and some unique insights into the game.

Did you only manage to record the audio? No problem. Set up your social media template with an audio waveform to grab attention and prompt social media followers to turn up the volume.

Game stats templates

Summarize the key stats of the event in one infographic. To do this in the most efficient (and error-free) way, connect your template directly to your data provider or API. This will allow you to integrate accurate data into your template in just a couple of clicks.

Individual athlete stats graphics

With several individual sports stars gathering a bigger social media following than their own teams or leagues, spotlighting individual player performance can also be key to driving engagement and conversations on your social media channels.

You can then also reuse these graphics before the next game or event, to remind fans of the athlete’s last performance. Once again, you can connect your sports template to your data provider or API for quick and accurate data import.

Standings and rankings templates

Now that the game is over, it’s time to take a step back and review how the outcome has impacted the rankings for the season or event so far. Connect your template to your data provider to get this information to your fans in record time.

Social media templates for content outside of event days

Ensure fans stay on your channels outside of event days by continuing to post engaging and informative content. Even when there is no game, race or event going on, there are still plenty of topics you can post about.

Check out just some examples of sports social media designs you can create to fill these gaps.

Program social media templates

Start talking about the next event that fans can look forward to with program, schedule or fixture graphic design templates. Make sure you include the name, time and date of the event(s) in your visual.

Are your fans scattered around the world? Then be sure to include the time zone alongside the time on display. Or better yet, request a template that includes automatically-generated start times for different time zones across the world.

Athlete and player news templates

Get the conversation going on social media by posting insights and news about individual athletes.

Is someone moving to another team? How much is that player worth? What did her rise to success look like? How many records did he break? Who’s celebrating their birthday today? Showcase all this information through eye-catching designs and informative infographics.

Sports stats social media graphics

Update your fans on how their favorite teams or athletes are performing, with seasonal, yearly and other periodic stats roundup and rankings.

Quiz and voting designs

Appeal to your audience’s competitive side with a quiz or voting sports template. Use a quiz to test their sporting knowledge, or a voting visual to get the debate going. Help them submit their input faster by selecting an emoji to represent each possible answer.

Quote and news templates

A simple template design that allows you to combine a photo with text is a must-have for any sports template package. These flexible social media graphics allow you to easily cover a number of different topics. Perfect for quotes and news updates.

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