9 social media trends and tips for April 2023

Get up to date with the top social media trends, latest news, and best practices this April.

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9 social media trends and tips for April 2023

Get up to date with the top social media trends, latest news, and best practices this April.

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Phone and icons representing social media trends, news and tips for April 2023

Every month, we summarize the latest and biggest social media news, trends and strategy ideas to help social media teams improve their approach. These are based on the hundreds of industry posts and articles we read monthly, as well as what we see working on social media for our clients.

Take inspiration from these April tips and trends to improve your social media channels and boost your KPIs. But be sure to always test before changing your strategy, as not every best practice or approach works for every type of account.

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1. Social media news: Catch up on the latest platform updates

Stay up to date with the biggest social media platform news and developments for April 2023:

Instagram reminder ad, showing a sponsored image post overlaid with a date, and below it a "Remind me" CTA button.
Instagram’s new reminder ads.

2. Social media trends: TikTok replaces Instagram as the most-downloaded app

Based on its latest app performance data, data.ai intelligence reports that TikTok was the most-downloaded app in Q1 2023, overtaking Instagram. The rest of the rankings remained more or less unchanged, with Facebook still topping the charts for the highest number of monthly active users.

Chart of the most-downloaded apps of Q1 2023, with TikTok at the top of the list, followed by Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger.

3. Instagram tip: Use Reels to drive reach, and photos to drive engagement

At the beginning of 2023, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri admitted that the platform was overfocused on video last year. He also stated that Instagram was working on restoring a more even balance between videos and photos.

But have things changed? According to some creators, as well as several small tests reported by Later, photos (including both static images and carousels) seem to have made some form of comeback. Later themselves saw a 100% engagement rate increase on their Instagram photo posts. And another small experiment showed that, while Reels continued to benefit from higher reach, photos received much higher engagement.

Therefore, if your social media goals include engagement and building communities, it might be time to consider prioritizing photo posts again on Instagram.

4. Insights from a social media expert: Interview with PSV football club’s Head of Content & Media

We recently interviewed Jordy Koppen, Acting Head of Content & Media at PSV Eindhoven football club, about his social media learnings and best practices based on his 7+ years of experience. Here were some of his insights:

  • What’s your top advice for social media teams? “Put in place (and stick to) a social media strategy that supports your wider club or business goals. At the end of the day, that’s why we have social media channels: to help reach these higher-level goals.”
  • What are PSV’s main (social) media goals? “Fan engagement, fan acquisition, and monetization.”
  • Why do you have multiple accounts on the same platforms? “To further segment our target audience and content goals. […] Having these separate channels helps us to offer our audiences a more tailored, personalized experience on social media. […] At the same time, this segmentation allows us to build new fanbases.”
  • How do you stay on-brand? “We focus on both ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ brand guides and elements. The ‘visible’ brand includes all visual cues, such as our logo, motto, shirts, fonts, etc. […] The other, ‘invisible’ part of staying on-brand is about having a consistent brand story and values.”
  • What’s the biggest change on social media over the past few years? “Organic content has become mass media, heavily focused on entertainment. […] The world’s biggest football clubs can benefit from this change because they have fans worldwide. But this trend makes it harder for the majority of clubs to meet their goals.”

Read the full interview for all of Jordy’s insights and recommendations.

5. YouTube news: Supporting creators, developing new features, and protecting users are the platform’s top priorities

Where is YouTube heading next? The platform’s new CEO, Neal Mohan, outlined his 2023 priorities and vision for the social media platform. These include 3 key areas of focus:

  1. Supporting the success of creators. YouTube plans on offering more ways to make money, listening to more creators, and growing creator communities.
  2. Building for the YouTube of the future with more features for viewers and creators. The focus will be on streaming, connected TV (YouTube has just become the most-watched streaming platform for TV in the US, ahead of Netflix), Shorts, podcasts and AI.
  3. Protecting the YouTube community, including safeguards for under 18s, and family-friendly experiences.
Examples of branded social media templates and graphics created using our Content Stadium tools.
Discover our content creation platform for branded social media graphics and animations.

6. TikTok case study: How a local auto shop reached and engaged millions

You’ve probably recently come across one of these viral videos on your TikTok, or even Instagram feed from Clancy’s Auto Body, a local auto body repair shop based in Florida. In just 7 days, the account gained 187,400 followers and more than 50 million views.

Tommy Clark on Twitter deconstructs the strategies that helped the account go viral on TikTok:

  1. Platform-specific humor: Leaning into meme templates and the “unhinged” humor that TikTok loves.
  2. Brand characters and storylines: The account introduces specific characters, giving its content a “reality-show” feel.
  3. Capitalizing on a viral hit: Continuing to post videos of a similar style and angle, to continue to rack up views.

Consider how such an approach can also work for your brand, and how you can then tie any viral success into business goals and revenue. For example, you can feature your product or service into your content, in a natural way, to drive brand awareness and sales.

7. Social media ideas: Inspiration for your product launch

Are you planning a product launch? And looking for some ideas for your social media posts? We rounded up 33 examples and ideas to inspire your social media campaign. These include post ideas to build up anticipation ahead of your launch, as well as post-launch examples:

  • Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your new product in production.
  • Ask current customers to talk about their excitement for your upcoming launch.
  • Post countdowns to launch day to build up anticipation.
  • Get your social media audience guessing with product teasers and quizzes.
  • Create a unique hashtag for your product launch.
  • Ask your audience for input or feedback about what features or improvements they’d like to see.
  • Launch your product with bold, eye-catching visuals.
  • Highlight the benefits of your new product through videos and carousels.
  • Show your new product in use.
  • Share initial user feedback to get more people interested.

Read our blog post to view all 33 examples and ideas.

8. Snapchat tips: Post 20 to 50 Snaps per day to engage users for longer

In a leaked pitch deck which it sends to its “Snap Stars” users, Snap revealed its best practices for posting. Aside from the first tip, which seems a little extreme, the rest of the recommendations are pretty generic and most are applicable to multiple social media platforms.

Here were their recommendations:

  • Focus on “day in the life experiences” by posting 20 to 50 Snap stories a day, so that subscribers are engaged for longer.
  • Post directly to the Snap Map, so that users who aren’t subscribed can easily discover your content.
  • Make a strong “tile” on your feed, which is the most recent Snapchat photo or video taken.
  • Captivate viewers in the first 1 to 3 snaps so they watch the whole story.
  • Encourage non-subscribers to subscribe a few times a week, and subscribers to turn on story notifications.
  • Use captions, since a lot of people watch stories with sound off.
  • Balance commercial content with authentic personal content.

9. Social media trends: Meta reveals its trend predictions for 2023

Meta outlined its top 20 trend predictions for 2023, based on 4 million global conversations on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a global survey. They then grouped these 20 trends into the following 4 topics:

  1. Exploratory identities: from body positivity and self-expression, to reinvented middle age, cultural heritage, and local foods.
  2. Refined relationships: including relationship goals and milestones, science and spirituality, and adopting new pets.
  3. Assertive aspirations: with a focus on mental health, how we sleep and why we work, and financial knowledge.
  4. Lived values: from finding joy to nostalgia-inspired comfort, supporting a cause, and environmental concerns.

These predictions align well with those of other platforms and publications, which we outline in our January 2023 social media tips and trends article.

More social media trends and ideas

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