33 product launch social media posts examples

Get ready to introduce your new product on social media, with these eye-catching and creative product launch examples.

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33 product launch social media posts examples

Get ready to introduce your new product on social media, with these eye-catching and creative product launch examples.

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A collection of product launch social media posts examples.

Are you planning a product launch and looking for some inspiration for your social media posts? In this article, we collected 33 examples of some of the best social media product launch posts, that can help you create the buzz that your new product deserves.

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Pre-launch social media posts examples

Tell the world that something exciting is on the way!

Build up anticipation for your upcoming launch and keep your audience up to date with a series of pre-launch social media posts. Take a look below for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok product launch examples from a range of different industries to inspire your own.

Shout about your upcoming product launch

Get people interested in your upcoming product launch on social media with an attention-grabbing coming soon post. A simple trick to make your visual stand out is by using bright colors and bold designs. Or if you’re posting a video, try using quick cuts and fun imagery.

Here are just two examples of what a coming soon product launch post can look like.

@nike BOUNCE ☁ BOUNCE ☁ BOUNCE ☁ There’s nothing like walking on Air. The next innovation of #AirMax ♬ original sound – Nike

Show your product in production

People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Show a glimpse of your product development process to create anticipation for its launch. You can also share visuals of your product coming to life after its launch, such as in the second LinkedIn product launch post example below.

An example of a product launch social media post showing the product in production, in this case engineers working on a spacecraft.
A social media post introducing a new snack product, which includes two behind-the-scenes photos of the team taste tasting the snacks.

Get current clients involved

Excitement is contagious. Use this to your advantage by featuring clients who are excited about your upcoming product launch on your social media feed. For example, you can ask existing clients about their experiences with your current products, and what they’re most looking forward to with your new product.

Share product launch teasers

Showing a glimpse of your upcoming product is a good way to keep your social media followers curious. You can keep the mystery alive by starting with just a small hint, such as in the WWF Australia and iBase Solution product launch teasers below.

You can then follow these up with social media content that unveils a little more of your new product, like the Instagram Reel example. Alternatively, you can give close to a full unveiling or demo of your new product, such as the LinkedIn example.

Get your social media audience guessing

Engage your community and increase your social media engagement by getting your followers to guess what your new product is. You can do this through games, quizzes and riddles content.

For example, you can share some product shots that don’t yet give viewers the full picture to get the conversation going.

You can also add an air of mystery by pixelating your product, like in the Instagram example below. Or get your audience to fill in the blanks, like in the second example.

Count down to launch day

After having teased your product on social media, it’s a good idea to announce the launch date of your product. You can build up excitement with a series of countdown visuals that show the remaining days and/or hours until your product launches. Take a look at the product launch social media examples below for some ideas.

Create a product launch social media hashtag

Be sure to create a unique hashtag for your product launch, and include it in all your social media posts leading up to and relating to the launch. The hashtag will ensure that all your posts are grouped together and easy to find for anyone looking to learn more. Your community can also use the hashtag to share their thoughts, feedback and excitement, which can help to create word-of-mouth awareness for your product.

Get ideas from the product launch posts examples below. And click on the hashtags to see customers’ responses.

Ask your audience for input or feedback

Reach out to your social media audience for feedback and ideas ahead of your launch. This will empower your audience by giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions and have some influence on future products.

For example, you can ask them for what improvements they would like to see, or what color they would prefer. You can even turn it into a giveaway, where followers share their opinion for the chance to win your new product, such as in the second Facebook example below.

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Examples of product launch social media posts during and after launch day

The day has come, and your product has finally launched!

Introduce your new product with a bang and keep the buzz alive after launch day by continuing to post eye-catching and engaging product launch social media content. Scroll for some of the best ideas and examples that will keep people talking about your product well after launch day.

Launch your product with eye-catching visuals

Be loud and proud on your product launch day. Stand out from the social media clutter with bright colors, big fonts, clean imagery, and scroll-stopping animations. Then make sure to put your product center stage in your content with clear and sharp photography.

List the product benefits

Why should people be interested in your new product? Be sure to highlight its benefits in your product launch social media post visual or caption.

Social media carousels and videos are a great way to highlight multiple benefits in more depth or with more imagery, without overwhelming your audience with information.

Alternatively, you can keep it simple with a concise outline of the main benefits in a single image post. This will ensure users understand your USPs in one glance.

Show your new product in use

Showing your audience how easy or fun it is to use your product with a quick video is a good way to create interest on social media during your launch. It will also help your audience to better understand the benefits of your new product.

You can create a short how-to video yourself, or even team up with an industry influencer to talk your audience through it.

Partner with influencers to promote your new launch

Paid partnerships with celebrities and social media influencers in your industry can help you increase your reach and attract a new audience for your new product. People tend to have more trust in your product if they see someone they admire using it. So be sure to consider some collaborations as part of your product launch on social media.

Share user feedback on social media

Encourage users to share their feedback following the launch of your product. You can then post this feedback on social media to get more people interested in learning about your new product, like these product launch posts examples from Twitter and Instagram.

Post your product launch press release

On channels such as LinkedIn, you can share a link to your product launch press release for followers to get more information. Make sure to already build curiosity and interest using your social media post caption and visual to encourage people to click though. For example, you can share a short introduction, and include a summary of the impact your product will have, alongside enticing visuals.

A LinkedIn product launch social media post that links back to the press release.

How to showcase your product in your social media posts

Wondering how you should place your product in your social media product launch visuals, to generate maximum sales or engagement? Recent research summarized by Ariyh outlines the best practices depending on your goals.

How to place your product to increase sales

Two versions of an image with a table in front of a painting, one image has a glass of wine on the left of the table, in the oher, the glass of wine is on the right.
When people were shown a painting with a glass of wine next to it, 16.2% more said they would buy it when the glass was added on the right. More on this research.

How to show your product to increase engagement

  • Posting a selfie of someone with your product can boost engagement (likes, comments, shares) on your social media post. This is because seeing a friendly face makes people feel more social, and therefore more likely to interact.
Graphic stating that selfies increase engagement, and holding the product increases sales.

Looking for more social media tips and inspiration to support your launch?