12 employer branding social media examples to inspire your strategy

Get inspired by these great examples of employer branding social media accounts and content, to take your recruitment channels to the next level.
Examples of employer branding social media posts

According to our recent online survey, 96% of employer branding specialists use social media as a communication channel. This shows that social media is an important part of many employer branding and recruitment strategies.

But what does a great employer branding social media strategy and content look like? Take inspiration from the examples below, including examples of employer branding accounts and content.

Want more tips on how to get started with, or improve your existing social media channels? Make sure to also read our 7 employer branding social media best practices.

Examples of employer branding social media accounts

1. Salesforce jobs: Content variety

We love the job social media account of the software company Salesforce because they know how to add variety to their employer branding content. And with over 150,000 combined followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it seems we’re not the only ones who think they are a great example!

From posting team photos to hosting employee virtual dance parties, promoting corporate events and company achievements, Salesforce uses its content to shine a spotlight on different parts of employee life. There’s never a dull moment on their careers social media pages.

Current employees can go to social media to get informed about everything that is happening at the company. While potential new joiners can learn more from the company and its culture.


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A post shared by Salesforce Careers (@salesforcejobs)

2. Marriott careers: Storytelling

Storytelling is the backbone of the content that Marriott post on their careers social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube). They often use video content and employee interviews to showcase life at Marriott. 

For example, commemorating #WomensHistoryMonth with a series of videos in which female employees describe their working experiences. Or through videos that tell the career story of individual employees, from chefs to front-of-house staff. 

3. ICI PARIS XL careers: Strong brand identity

ICI PARIS XL’s Instagram careers page is another great example of employer branding social media accounts because of their clear brand identity. 

Using a cohesive color palette, consistent tone of voice and story, ICI PARIS XL has developed a strong brand identity with every post they upload to Instagram. This ensures that their audience can easily recognize ICI PARIS XL’s content when scrolling through their feeds.

Discover how the ICI PARIS XL employer branding team create their on-brand content, and get more tips on how to maintain a consistent brand on social media.

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Nicole Matijssen | Employer Branding & Recruitment Specialist for ICI PARIS XL

4. Work at Eneco: Employee social media takeover

Work at Eneco builds trust for their employer brand through Instagram takeovers. They give employees access to their account for a day to share their personal experiences of working at Eneco.

For example, office staff share their day at their (home) office, and on-the-road employees film their workday activities. This makes fun and relatable content. And not only does it give potential future employees an honest perspective, but it also makes employees feel more involved and included.

work at eneco employer branding example


5. We are Intel: Life outside of work 

On their employer branding Instagram page, Intel spots a light on the people behind their company. This helps make their audience members feel important and valued as if they were part of the Intel family. 

Their account features posts about their employees’ personal life, for example, celebrations of employees’ pets and family. This enables Intel to create a space with open dialogue and meet the expectations of a life-work balance. 

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A post shared by We Are Intel (@weareintel)

Employer branding content examples 

Social recruitment isn’t just about posting job vacancies. Our employer branding statistics show that employer branding specialists also create social media content about celebrations, new starters, tours of the workplace, employees at work, and more.

See more social media content ideas and examples below.

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1. Vacancy posts

One of the most common content topics for employer branding social media accounts are vacancy posts. These posts keep job seekers informed about the job openings at your company.

These vacancy posts and graphics usually include the job title and location, and sometimes a short description and information about the hours. You can also include a photo of the team to add more personality and catch your audience’s attention. See more “we are hiring” and vacancy post examples.

Discover how A.S. Watson’s recruitment team create their Kruidvat vacancy visuals and GIFs.

2. Employee quotes and stories 

An excellent way to build brand trust is with direct testimonials from current employees. Posting employee stories and interviews can give a new insight into your brand’s story.

As mentioned in our March 2021 social media tips, stories about others are more engaging on social media. So it’s a great way to boost interactions on your posts.

You can ask new starters to describe why they joined your company, get quotes from long-serving employees on what they love most about their jobs, or interview colleagues on specific topics.

3. Interactive posts

Encourage audience participation by asking questions, or by creating polls and quizzes. 

Try keeping your polls and quizzes aligned to your employer’s brand and industry. And ensure they are relevant to your target audience.

Take a look at these social media examples from Kruidvat and ING Belgium:

4. Employee takeovers

Get your employees to do the work for you with employee takeovers. 

Takeovers usually last a day. During this time, employees are given access to the company’s social media account to create content and/or interact with your audience. They can share videos of their workday, fun photos with their colleagues, and record themselves talking about what it’s like working at your company.

Featuring employees in your brand’s accounts in such an authentic way encourages community-building.

work at eneco employer branding example
Check out Eneco’s Instagram highlights featuring employee takeovers

5. Company facts and statistics

Share your reports, company news, and company statistics on your social media accounts. These types of posts not only build brand trust, but also position your brand as an expert in your industry. 

example of employer branding post for Eneco
Example of a stat employer branding social media post from ING

6. #FunFact posts

#FunFact or “Did you know?” posts can drive attention to your brand and make potential employees interested in what your brand has to say. These posts also reflect what your brand finds valuable, and if potential employees share these values, they are more likely to engage. 

Example of a did you know employer branding social media post from YKK
example of employer branding post for Eneco

7. Welcoming new starters posts

“Welcome to the team” posts help make new starters feel welcome and foster the feeling of family in a company, while also showing potential employees that you are actively hiring. 

You’ll want to add a photo of the new starter with a quick job description. For extra fun, you can include a quote from them or a #funfact. Check out these 21 welcome new employee social media post examples for more ideas.

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